Consumers create, access and distribute enormous quantities of rich multimedia every day and expect to stream and enjoy that content instantly on their tablets, smart phones, gaming systems, and televisions. Innovations in high-resolution displays drive demand for high-capacity storage solutions. A 4K Ultra High Definition TV integrates 4X more pixels compared to 1080p Full HD displays. The next generation 8K high-resolution displays have more than 33 Megapixels per frame, requiring 100 Mbytes of storage for a single raw picture. This massive increase of multimedia file size is revolutionizing the physical media storage industry as a 2hr movie in 4K resolution and more advanced resolution is facing challenges to fit in current Blu-Ray optical disks. Solid-state storage industry has to re-invent the way we store and distribute physically multi-media content.

Crossbar ReRAM meets the challenge of growing file sizes

Even with the most advanced compression codecs, the high-definition multimedia contents require huge bandwidth to be written and read without pre-buffering. The end-user experience will suffer from the inherent latencies introduced by the design and physics constraints of Optical disks and NAND-Flash based Solid-State Drives.

Crossbar’s ReRAM is providing much faster read and write speeds and high-density capabilities to answer the challenges of high-resolution displays and high-definition movies by enabling a new category of Solid-State Drives based on 3D ReRAM. The potential integration of CMOS logic and 3D ReRAM storage in a single die enable great possibilities to build more robust and secure Digital Right Management(DRM) protected media storage solutions.

Crossbar is working with strategic partners to meet consumer expectations for instant and secure access to their multimedia home entertainment and games libraries.

Without an effective way to suppress the sneak path current, high-density 3D ReRAM has been technically unachievable. Crossbar's selector is the first solution to overcome this design challenge, paving the way for terabyte storage-on-a-chip to become a reality and positioning ReRAM as the leading next generation NAND memory replacement.
Alan Niebel
Founder and CEO, Webfeet Research