As important as it is to have speed and reliability in business and home electronics, there’s no place where it’s more critical than in real-time medical, industrial and automotive applications. Crossbar ReRAM’s ability to be integrated on the same silicon die with real time processing cores eliminates the need for external memory components that introduce latencies and external memory bus throughput bottlenecks.


Crossbar ReRAM solutions enable the latest industrial automation and analytics

Industrial automation and measurement systems rely on rapid, reliable data to maximize their efficiency. Whether the goal is maximizing operational efficiency or getting real-time data from sensors and other systems, quick read/write access to data is a key success factor. Crossbar’s ReRAM bit alterability provides very efficient data re-programmability at the smallest possible granularity. The design constraints of Flash-based solutions with slow page program and even slower block erase are totally removed with ReRAM-based solutions. Fast small page program without block erase operations guaranties much responsive systems.

Crossbar ReRAM solutions enable the latest industrial automation and analytics by providing unrivaled performance, capacity and reliability while helping to minimize power consumption and footprint. Crossbar ReRAM is ideal for demanding applications requiring extreme durability, optimal data integrity and exceptionally fast data read and write. And it’s tunable to the needs of different subsystems, significantly decreasing the complexity and physical footprint of next-generation systems.


Crossbar ReRAM provides unparalleled reliability for automotive applications

Data from a car’s on-board electronics must be processed and stored instantly and reliably in non-volatile memory, as any data loss at highway speeds could be catastrophic. The car of the future will also seamlessly deliver entertainment, information and data as an extension to the home and office. Non-volatile storage technology lies at the heart of the car of the future. Crossbar ReRAM provides unparalleled reliability for fast random read access and byte accessibility across a wide temperature range (up to 125 degrees C) to ensure safe and secure processing on the go.

With its high capacity storage, high reliability and very fast performance, Crossbar ReRAM solutions are well suited to replace embedded NOR, stand-alone NOR/SPI and NAND in a variety of automotive applications such as navigation, infotainment, critical active and passive safety, and advanced driver assistance systems.


Crossbar ReRAM meets the demanding read/write and reliability needs of medical applications

Technology continues to revolutionize healthcare with diagnostic tools and treatment systems, pushing the limits of what was thought impossible only a few years ago. Medical imaging applications such as ultrasound, CT scanning and MRI, for example, all have demanding read/write performance and reliability needs. Crossbar ReRAM helps manufacturers meet the ever-increasing needs for higher speed, higher precision, lower power and smaller equipment, while maintaining the high quality and reliability standards necessary for medical applications.

Crossbar came out of stealth mode with a fascinating new alternative memory technology. Key to their solution is the selection device built into the cell. Other ReRAM technologies use an external device that can introduce noise problems. With this, Crossbar appears to have an important advantage.
Jim Handy
Director, Objective Analysis