The exponential growth of user-generated and machine-generated data is transforming people’s lives and how we do business. Enterprises and their IT systems capture, store, process and share enormous amounts of data. In fact, for global businesses, the ability to access and act on that data is a tremendous competitive advantage. “Time is Money” used to be the driving factor to differentiate in business, now this is complemented with “Data is Money”. Innovative companies and organizations are currently harnessing information to create a competitive advantage for the next decade and their specific requirements to the memory industry are:

  • High-capacity storage: data patterns are easiest to understand by analyzing massive data sets
  • Low latency storage: meaningful information that can be actionable by real-time algorithms

Big Data storage and analytics are key components of future strategic competition.

Crossbar ReRAM answers the demand for storage capacity

The proliferation of high-resolution sport cameras and smartphones is driving hundreds of hours of video uploads every minute. The exponential growth of sensors and other Internet-Of-Things devices is generating billions of frequently uploaded data to cloud-based giant databases.

The demand for storage capacity continues to grow at a faster pace than supply: that demand represents great opportunities for the storage technologies that can answer both the capacity and latency requirements. Crossbar’s ReRAM based storage solutions are answering the density and the latency challenges of future Enterprise Storage market requirements.

To date, there has not been a viable 2D or 3D NAND replacement technology. Storage Class Memories like Crossbar's ReRAM have a chance of capturing this elusive NAND replacement $40+ billion prize. Crossbar's working ReRAM technology array demonstrates significant commercialization progress. Continuing on this trajectory they could lead the market with a cost effective crosspoint, multi-layer (8) ReRAM ahead of the 3D NAND or their 3D ReRAM competition.
Alan Niebel
Founder and CEO, Webfeet Research