Dr. Sung Hyun Jo has been with Crossbar since 2010, where he leads the company’s advanced memory technology development as Vice President of Device & Advanced Technology. He brings to Crossbar over 10 years of experience in semiconductor processing and devices and a track record of award winning research and development.

His main research area includes emerging nonvolatile memory technology, with a special interest in ReRAM, and programmable logics based on ReRAM devices. He conducted the first demonstration of a hybrid memristive synapse/CMOS neuron system. This system emulates the synaptic functions of a biological system such as STDP (Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity). He also developed the prototype 3D stackable high density crossbar memory device – an integral part of Crossbar’s memory technology.

In recognition of his outstanding research, Dr. Jo has earned various technical awards including Human-Tech Award from Samsung, the Raith Micrograph Award for the scientific application of nanofabrication, and the MRS Award for ReRAM research.

Dr. Jo has over 40 issued and pending patents and his first-authored journal publications have been cited over 1000 times by peer researchers.

Dr. Jo received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, where he was awarded Best EE Ph.D. dissertation. He received his M.S. from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and his B.S. from Yonsei University with high honors.