Crossbar’s ReRAM CMOS compatibility and scalability to small process geometries enables the integration of non-volatile memory IP blocks at the same process nodes of micro-controllers (MCU), System-on-Chip (SoC) and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). RAM blocks based on SMIC’ 40nm CMOS manufacturing process are available now. This first partnership enables customers to integrate low latency, very high performance and low power embedded ReRAM memory blocks into MCUs and SoCs, targeting the Internet of Things, wearable and tablet computers, consumer, industrial and automotive electronics markets. Crossbar also has plans to port our technology to smaller process nodes for other applications.

Crossbar ReRAM cells are integrated at the Back-End-Of-Line of standard CMOS process between two metal lines of standard CMOS wafers with direct connections with the underneath CMOS logic IP blocks. This enables extremely integrated solutions with on-chip non-volatile memory, processing cores, analog and RF on a single die.

With the small incremental cost of two additional masks over standard CMOS process using very little foundry capital investment, and with superior memory performance and characteristics, Crossbar is providing a great value to the embedded Non-Volatile Memory (eNVM) applications.

The versatility of Crossbar’s ReRAM technology opens the possibilities to innovative memory and storage solutions that can be directly integrated with state-of-the-art processing logic cores: better energy efficiency by improving system performances and reducing the complexity of today’s block oriented Flash-based solutions.

Crossbar embedded 1T1R Block Diagram

Embedded 1T1R ReRAM in a Semiconductor Chip

Crossbar’s versatile ReRAM technology opens the door to memory and storage solutions that are directly integrated with processing logic cores

Embedded 1TnR ReRAM in a Semiconductor Chip

1T1R Product: PicoE - Embedded Resistive RAM

Crossbar Resistive RAM (ReRAM) Code and Data memory “PicoE” family provides a cost effective integrated memory solution for embedded applications requiring low power, high performance nonvolatile code execution and data storage. The PicoE Embedded ReRAM targets on-chip macros in MCU, System on Chip and FPGAs integrated into connected and smart devices of the Internet of Things, wearable and tablet computers, consumer, industrial and automotive electronics.

PicoE products are provided to customers as hard macros that are integrated into MCU or SoC designs. Supported densities range from 2M bits (256K Bytes) to 128M bits (16M Bytes).

The low latency PicoE family is intended for both program and data storage. Data integrity and operational characteristics match or exceed more commonly used embedded Flash technologies.

Key Characteristics

  • Embedded 1T1R memory IP block
  • 256KB to 16MB densities
  • Using 40nm and 28nm CMOS process nodes

    • CB31NE002M40 (2Mb) to CB31NE128M40 (128Mb)
    • CB31NE002M28 (2Mb) to CB31NE128M28 (128Mb)

More Information

Detailed technical information is available on request. For more information, please use our contact form.

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Based on SMIC’s 40nm process node, we can offer high-capacity and low-power memory technology with unique security features for smartcards and various IoT devices to customers. We’re delighted to have Crossbar as a new partner in our stable and reliable 40nm technology platform.
Dr. Tzu-Yin Chiu
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, SMIC
The memory market is looking to new technologies to take over once flash reaches its scaling limit. Crossbar's impressive progress in the development of a manufacturable ReRAM gives a big boost to this popular alternative memory.
Jim Handy
Director, Objective Analysis