White Papers
ReRAM for Energy Efficient AI Inference at the Edge
ReThink Automotive/Industrial/Medical with Crossbar ReRAM technology
ReThink Consumer Electronics with Crossbar ReRAM Technology
Crossbar ReRAM Technology
ReThink Data Center with Crossbar ReRAM technology
Crossbar ReRAM Technology for Data Storage and Embedded Applications
Crossbar ReRAM: The Future Technology for NAND Flash
By Hagop Nazarian
Hyperconverged Infrastructure Virtualization with ReRAM
ReThink Internet of Things with Crossbar ReRAM Technology
ReThink Mobile Computing with Crossbar ReRAM Technology
N-Series Product Brief
ReThink Computing with ReRAM
P-Series Product Brief
ReThink Embedded Memory with ReRAM
T-Series Product Brief
ReThink Persistent Memory with 3D ReRAM