ReThink Computing with ReRAM

Bring Data closer to Compute

Crossbar Resistive RAM (ReRAM) N series IP cores are an ideal choice for Domain-Specific Architectures such as Neural Networks AI accelerators or memory-centric computing cores.

The N series non-volatile smart memory IP cores can be integrated at the same process nodes of microcontrollers (MCU), System-on-Chip (SoC), Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), Domain Specific ASICs or used as stand-alone hardware accelerator chip. The N series product line starts with Crossbar XPU, a very wide non-volatile memory array integrated with dedicated logic. Crossbar XPU is a massive search engine capable of finding k Nearest Neighbors (kNN) or exact match with a deterministic latency. It’s capable of searching through 1000’s of vectors or objects simultaneously. It can be used as a NeuralNet Classifier in an AI inference subsystem.

The integration of dedicated logic and high-bandwidth data storage enables these smart memory IPs. Depending on the business model, the N series IP cores can be provided to customers as hard macros or a stand-alone product.

Read the Crossbar XPU product brief to learn more:

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N Series IP Cores are Ideal Memory Choices for Many Applications: